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Concrete Epoxy and Urethane Mortar Floor Resurfacing Materials

Epoxy Mortar Floor Resurfacing Systems | Urethane Concrete Floor Coating Products | Urethane Cement

Urethane cement floor coating systems. Epoxy mortar floor finish products. Aggregate-filled, fluid-applied systems that help dissipate impact across the floor. Ultra high point load, high compressive strength floor repair systems. Options for extreme environments, including thermal shock-resistant floors. Elastomeric concrete floor toppings to absorb machine vibration. Waterproofing resurfacers for mezzanines and upper levels. Utilitarian or decorative slip-resistant finishes.

Florock Florobuild PT/HT Epoxy Mortar System

Florobuild PT/HT Epoxy Mortar Troweled Overlay

FloroBuild epoxy mortar system is used for resurfacing or leveling deteriorated or spalled concrete floors. Economically adding performance and durability, this epoxy mortar system provides a sanitary, skid-resistant surface that easily tolerates the harsh environments found in factory settings. FloroBuild is available in both a hand trowel and power trowel epoxy mortar floor version. Used in Commercial, Industrial and Institutional applications, such as: Heavy Industry, Foundries, Breweries, Loading Docks, Bottling Plants, and Wastewater Treatment Facilities. Product Advantages include: Seamless sanitary floor and coving, meets USDA requirements for incidental food contact in federally-inspected meat and poultry plants, excellent impact resistance and hardness, and a variety of colors can be achieved with the addition of Florock 100% Solids Colorants.

Florocrete SLX Self Leveling Urethane Mortar System

FloroCrete SLX Slurry Urethane Mortar System

FloroCrete SLX is a solvent free, low odor, slurry broadcast applied, self-leveling urethane cement system. It is specially formulated for areas where thermal shock, impact and chemical attack are issues. It allows moisture to move through it at a safe rate. It can be installed from a 1/8” neat system to a 3/16” with a media broadcast thickness. FloroCrete SLX urethane cement is ideally suited for: Kitchens/Fryer Areas, Vehicle Service Areas, Food Processing Plants, Breweries, Wineries & Dairies, Walk-In Coolers & Freezers, Bottling Facilities, Laboratories, Chemical Processing, Sanitation & Wash-down Areas.

Florock Florobuild XT Extreme Heavy Duty Epoxy Mortar Resurfacing

Florobuild XT for Extreme Conditions

FloroBuild XT is an extra tough epoxy mortar used for resurfacing or leveling extremely deteriorated or spalled concrete. Its proprietary fillers, which contain several gradations of steel, add extra tough abrasion and wear performance to the epoxy mortar material system. This makes for a tougher surface which can absorb and dissipate shock from impact. It provides a non-porous, sanitary, skid resistant surface that easily tolerates the harsh environments found in many settings. FloroBuild XT epoxy mortar floor coating is available natural or in various colors and is ideally suited for commercial, industrial and institutional applications such as Solid Waste Transfer Facilities, Loading Docks, and Dumpster Pads.

Florock Floroshop Epoxy Floor Coating System

Floroshop Epoxy Aggregate Floor Coating

FloroShop is a silica-filled, 100% solids, zero V.O.C. epoxy aggregate system that restores deteriorated concrete floors and offers economical protection in situations where slippage, abrasion, or moderate impact are concerns. Aggregate-filled epoxy floors such as these provide a safe and durable option for industrial settings. Very easy to clean and maintain, these impervious epoxy aggregate coated floors prevent concrete dusting and retain their high performance over time.  A hard-working, skid-resistant flooring value, FloroShop epoxy aggregate flooring may be installed using a variety of textures, topcoats and finishes.

Florocrete RT Rake and Trowel Urethane Concrete Material System

FloroCrete RT Rake Trowel Urethane Mortar System

FloroCrete RT is a solvent free, low odor, rake/trowel urethane cement slurry broadcast system that is designed for the most strenuous uses and activity. It is specially formulated for areas where thermal shock, heavy impact and chemical attack are issues. The urethane cement floor coating system allows moisture to move through it at a safe rate and it can be installed from a 3/16” to 1/4” thickness. System Advantages include: CA 01350 Air Quality Compliant; ADA Compliant; LEED Credits Available; Meets FDA, USDA & CFIA Standards; VOC Compliant/Low Odor; Thermal Shock Resistant; Heat Resistant to 235º F; Contains Antimicrobial Additive; No Topcoat Required; Tolerates Dampness; High Chemical & Abrasion Resistance; Can be Applied to 7 to 14-Day-Old Concrete.

Florocrete HD Heavy Duty Urethane Mortar System

FloroCrete HD Heavy Duty Urethane Mortar System

FloroCrete HD is a solvent free, low odor, heavy duty, one-step, trowel applied urethane cement mortar known for its thermal shock, heavy impact, abrasion and chemical resistance. It allows moisture to move through it at a safe rate. The urethane mortar system can be installed from a 1/4” to 3/8” thickness. These hard-working urethane cement flooring systems, with their slip-resistant, antimicrobial and chemical-resistant properties, give you the same sanitary and easy-to-maintain finish day after day, regardless of your high-pressure steam cleaning, boiling liquid spills and other environmental factors. Even the punishing, higher temperature environment beneath industrial and commercial ovens is no match for our thermal shock resistant urethane cement flooring.